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It is all about referencing in the market. Unlike the vaccine of covid, people across keep on waiting for the others to use and then review. I was also skeptical about such an excel based thing but to my surprise, this is a wonder. This company, NKM Planning solutions are producing value in the construction industry. There are many ERPs out there in the market having skyrocketing prices for project management. MS Excel automation systems developed by NKM Planning solutions are superior, effective, and most affordable. These tools are based on core concepts of project management. It's a gift to the construction industry. You are doing noble work for this construction industry. Keep it up & all the best. I am a huge fan of the concept.

Mr. Pravin Mundhe

I tried a ton and even spent so that things can be managed and I encountered NKM people. I had a view of their profile and found something really interesting. Let me brief a bit; NKM Planning Solutions came up with a unique and brilliant product idea of a simple but very effective project monitoring tool. As it is based on MS Excel, it is very simple to use and no special training is required. Products available in the market require time for since long as a lot of projects suffer from untimely reporting, analyzing the results in delayed decisions, and ineffective project control. This when I had access to; I found it friendly and so I highly recommend their products especially for micro, small and mid-sized construction entrepreneurs which will improve their project and business control resulting in improving the bottom line.

Mr. Rajesh Jujare | Srujan Construction Management Solution

Something that eats the project after time is the cost of it and I am the super savior of the cost. I wanted things to happen in a cost control way and I encountered this excel on the LinkedIn profile of NKM solutions. It has reduced the operating costs of the project while maximizing efficiency. These tools have improved business agility which helps to manage diverse and complex applications at a lower cost. Also, it enables the rapid response to requests for our potential new requirements. It is a sure shot thing to owe for people like us in the fraternity. Team NKM is the new sunrise in the construction arena.

Mr. Shivraj Mankar | BMB Construction Co.

I have seen the NKM planning solution tools , this is something very good initiative to cater the real requirement of cross functional industries not limited to trade. I hope they will develop more dynamic solutions which can meet the Program or Projects needs from feasibility to project closure. The solution does have potential to align with the strategy of any organisation to benefit sustainment. All the Best.

Mr. Santosh Phadke